How can we integrate discreet sensory relief mechanisms
into objects’ design to improve the lives
of individuals with mental disorders?

Watch for Fidgeters, 2021
MA Material Futures
Client: Baume et Mercier

Sensory overload is commonly experienced by people who have been diagnosed with mental disorders including Autism, ADHD, or Anxiety. In order to relieve symptoms, the brain seeks to focus on stronger stimuli, often a tactile ones. Making small movements with the hands, also known as fidgeting, and touching specific surfaces, allows focusing attention away from an overwhelming experience.

However, fidgeting is often perceived as a distraction and ceases to be socially acceptable, and current fidget devices are associated with toys and are rarely appropriate for formal and professional environments, becoming a reason for exclusion.

In response, it is embedded into a watch hidden, interactive elements and customizable textures to allow the discrete relief of symptoms.

This project is an opportunity to improve the everyday life of people with mental disorders, opening up the discussion around the diversity of human minds and possibly leading to a better understanding of mental differences.